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August 25, 2016

Lapis Azurai

Hive 0.8.0

Tada! Another Hive release (play, download). In this release:

  • A completely new mechanic, Resistance, in which skill checks are more difficult as the town becomes suspicious of your activities. This mechanic is turned on (and explained) by an event in sycamore street (and a new Liana image! Yay for Liana!). Various existing buildings and events increase or decrease resistance.
  • A new job in North End, wherein you can send your tentacle monsters out to scare citizens into reducing their resistance to your presence. 5 variants on this event, with a total of 16 images.
    • Note – it currently has two optional slots for thugs, which do nothing. I forgot to remove them before making the release.

Not a ton of content in this one, but I wanted to get it out there rather than sit on it. I’ve barely playtested this! I have no idea what the balance is like, and I’m not in the mood to find out right now.

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by BlueWinds at August 25, 2016 04:48 AM

August 19, 2016

Träumendes Mädchen DevblogTräumendes Mädchen Devblog

Looking for proofreaders!

Once again, time is passing by too quickly! Luckily, we're not stagnating for all that: Chronotopia's demo is in fact available for patrons pledging 10$ per month since a little more than a week. There are still 2 illustrations missings, as well as the 3D camera and the last element of gameplay, to be able to publicly release the definitive version but the game is still playable from start to finish. So, if you're motivated and ready to help us, don't hesitate to send a mail to be able to test Chronotopia and report to us both gramatical mistakes and bugs!



If we don't have a date for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign yet (it won't be long), we've still made a Prefundia page for the project. There are still things to add, which we're doing as we go along, but we incite you to take a look and give us feedbacks. Nothing would be possible without you after all, so we want to be sure we're going to please you ;).

Milk Remake5

In the meantime, I was finally able to get my laptop back and I do intend to take advantage of it to work a bit on Milk's Remake since Laniessa has finished Khzi's new sprite! I will show it to you if you're good~

by Helia at August 19, 2016 07:10 PM

Winter Wolves

Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Daniel


Time for another introduction: Daniel the apprentice mage!

Born to an Elvish mother and a human father, Daniel is Haros’ son and Amber’s first friend. The two of them work together as apprentices under Haros until their adult years. Their paths take them in different directions, however, and eventually the two drift apart.

A couple of years after Amber becomes an alchemist, Daniel rekindles their friendship. He is now a well-respected mage in the local Mage’s Guild and rising quickly in the ranks there. The Half-Elf eventually recruits Amber to help him create the Elixir of Life although he refuses to explain why he wants it. He claims it is to impress his superiors but Amber suspects he is lying.

Daniel’s main weakness is his pride. He believes that he is better than anyone. This is true for the most part although it takes him a long time to admit that Amber is a better alchemist than him. His main comfort is that at least he can use magic and she cannot.

Although he rarely talks about it, he often feels alienated from those around him. He is the only Half-Elf in Icesilia and he often feels like he cannot fully relate to either side of his mixed bloodlines. It is perhaps why he gets on so well with Amber who has a similar problem.

by admin at August 19, 2016 05:22 AM

August 18, 2016

Charming Monsters the game

I know the quality is subpar, but I wanted to share this happy...

I know the quality is subpar, but I wanted to share this happy moment.

Charming Monsters is now playable on android devices!

It’s been a matter that has caused me many headaches but now that it’s fixed I can focus on making the game better without worrying about technicalities.

August 18, 2016 09:22 PM