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October 20, 2016

Green Glasses

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The Lady’s Choice

Release date (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
English: June 16th, 2016

Scandal. Gossip. Mismatches.
What will fuel this Season’s gossip? And will you be able to keep yourself from being burned by it?

As the daughter of a Viscount, and heiress to a small fortune, you are invited back into society even after years of seclusion at your family’s estate.
The upcoming Season is to be spent in Bath, your childhood friend having finally convinced you into it, and only the cream of society will be there. But the fickle and difficult dance that is weaving through society can be a tricky thing to remember, especially when they thrive on any small misstep you may make.

But which partner is selected to help guide you through the maze of the upper classes is always left down to The Lady’s Choice.”

This is a free game by Seraphinite! You can download it here.



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I’m guilty - I selected all the catty choices to clapback at all the wrongdoers in the story and it felt so good. But there were repercussions, of course. I definitely enjoyed this one, so check it out!

October 20, 2016 11:20 PM

October 15, 2016

Träumendes Mädchen DevblogTräumendes Mädchen Devblog

The creation of Chronotopia: background art

(We're 60% funded! That's one step closer to our dream but there’s still a long way to go so keep on supporting us on Kickstarter and Greenlight!)

After writing two articles on Chronotopia's story (namely the concept and the characters), I'm making way for PyriteKite/Kat to explain her part of the work: backgrounds art. She's very talented so check out her DeviantArt account~


* Note: I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 for creating backgrounds and take about a week to complete one depending on complexity.

I’d recently completed watching the TV series, Merlin at the time I was contacted to draw the backgrounds so its medieval setting influenced me for most of the demo’s backgrounds – it also accounts for the earth colours that I apply to the underpainting of the castle interiors in Chronotopia. The references I was provided with weren’t from the same era though and I settled on combining some qualities of both.

Prior to creating anything substantial, I usually attempt to visualize the world while reading the background descriptions/script. Simultaneously, I dive right into collecting references to help give the background art a general direction and research to develop ideas. For each background, I compile selected references and draw preliminary sketches and quick studies in a sketchbook to get a basic grasp of the subject if necessary.


Sketchbook thumbnail and studies, digital sketch and final version of an abandoned room

I recreate the analogue sketch which works best in digital later. Occasionally, I’ll discard it altogether if it doesn’t translate well digitally and end up designing another. I keep sketches loose, prioritizing colours/mood early and blocking in the general forms on a separate layer. Once the sketch is approved, I start painting over this base layer, rendering details as I progress.


The generic process: sketch > colour block-in > render forms and detail

After finalizing the background, I work on any animation required (which is planned ahead of time). I admit this is my least favourite part as I find it rather monotonous, but I try to persist in getting frames cohesive using the animation tools in PS, and studying reference videos in slow-motion.


Timeline and individual frames for the fire animation in the castle’s kitchen. Duplicates of the first frame were made and modified through painting/transform tools.

That was PyriteKite's insight on background art; I hope you enjoyed her explanations! And if you want to see more from her...well, you know what you have to do: back us, of course ;).


For the upcoming article on this series, another member of the team should volunteer to talk about their work on the game. Who could be next, I wonder?

by Helia at October 15, 2016 02:36 PM

October 14, 2016

Winter Wolves

Never Forget Me beta + Future romance games


First of all Public Service Announcement: my upcoming otome game “Never Forget Me” is now in beta. The only thing missing is the official game main menu and the theme song. Everything else is there and should be working!

For more info, check the forums:

Expected final release should be end of month or November at the latest, depending how testing goes (however being a visual novel/dating sim, most of the mistakes could be typos or other minor stuff!).

And now I wanted to talk about a topic I find interesting to me:

Romance in future games

After Heirs & Graces release on Steam, there was an interesting discussion in the community forums. To be honest, I expected a much worse reaction, considering the game topic (yaoi/gay only dating sim). I just deleted a couple of obvious stupid threads but not much.

Anyway, here’s what I’m going to do in future games, regarding the romances.

Finding an audience

The most important thing for an indie dev, is finding the audience, the niche. Either you try to make a game in a popular genre (platformer?) but in that case you have to compete against many top indies (and the chances of succeeding are small) or you can try to cater to a smaller but loyal audience. That’s what I’ve always tried to do.

The question is: there’s a gay/yaoi audience on Steam? probably, but it’s very small. It’s not just Steam though: I sell the games directly, but also on mobile. The result though, is that  Heirs & Graces did much worse than, for example, C14 Dating, on all platforms.

So if I had to make games for an audience, I would stop making BxB games completely. BUT! There’s a big but 🙂 What is my goal? I think everyone should ask themselves what is their goal in life. I did it when I went indie. Originally, I wanted to make simulations and RPGs. Recently, I still want to make RPGs but also make experiments and story-based games. And regarding the stories, my goal is:

“I want as much people as possible to read my stories”

Yes, as simple as it is, that is my goal. Not because I’m arrogant and I think my stories (and those of my writers) are good or better than anyone else (they’re good though!). But simply because I want everyone to read them.

Now in the case of Heirs & Graces, I think it has one of the most beautiful stories of all my games. The father/son relationship, the fun and sad moments, etc. Not just my opinion, but basically of everyone who played the game. And here’s the problem: many people didn’t play the game because is yaoi only. And they missed a great story. This is bad, but honestly I knew it, it was inevitable, as much as some people wouldn’t play a yuri only game, etc.

What is the solution then? Well, the most obvious solution is to make games in which you can play as male/female, and have all kind of romances! On the other hand, doing such games takes a lot more time, as you can imagine. Also, usually you can’t offer 8+ romances (since you need to write them from the male/female point of view! it’s a LOT of work) and then you have complaints like with SOTW, in which people say that the game could have been better than Loren, but because of the few romances, it isn’t 🙁

Are they to blame either? No. I can understand that as male straight player, perhaps Krimm is not my kind of romance. Or as female player, I could find Jariel just too “nice” (the DLC changes things quite a lot though!). There’s no one to blame, really.

Finding a compromise

So as author I need to ask myself what is the best thing to do. As you can imagine it’s not like I can do all games with male/female main character AND 4+ romances each gender. Then we have situations like Loren 2, Roger Steel or Undead Lily where the game isn’t ready yet after 3+ years! Doh, insanely huge games takes a lot more time to make! Who would have guessed! haha

However, I think perhaps the best way is to try, whenever possible, to have a male/female main character and at least 2 romances for each gender. Sure, there won’t be as many romances as if the game was otome or yaoi or yuri only, but at least this way there are more  chances that everyone can read my stories. My main goal.

If someone thinks that having maybe only 2 romanceable characters/combos is too few for a full price game, well they can always wait and buy the game discounted later. But at least they will read the story, as long as there’s at least one romance they’re interested in 🙂

Of course, I have a lot of games I started years ago (some even in 2011… ahem) so for those, they could still be yuri only, no straight male romance, etc. Nothing can be done about this, except finish them as they were originally planned.

But for future games, especially bigger ones, that’s what I’ll try to do 🙂

by admin at October 14, 2016 05:48 AM

Green Glasses

magicalwarriordiamondheart: It’s been a long time since I...


It’s been a long time since I posted new MWDH content and I know a lot of people have been getting impatient lol. I’m almost ready to release a longer demo soon but in the meantime I updated the current four episode demo:

the new four episode demo has updated art and a few new choices and scenes. There are a few new CGs however a lot of art is still unfinished right now lol. There’s sure to be grammar errors and mistakes that I haven’t caught, those will be fixed in the next demo update, let me know if you have any errors lol.

If you haven’t tried the demo yet this is a good time to do that :^V

the next demo update will have three more episodes added, so you’ll have a chance to finally see Alex and Liam as magical boys, as well as meet Amber

October 14, 2016 03:27 AM