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December 09, 2016

Winter Wolves

Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Lair


In this game, there are plenty of elves. Amber is very cute obviously, but even Laironden, Lair for his friends, is not bad either!

Lair Official Introduction

0" data-ng-bind-html="trust(creation.content)">Born to nobility, Lair lives in fear of his tyrannical father. Ever since his mother died several decades ago, his father, Arnor, has become consumed by rage and the need to control everything he can. His ruthlessness has allowed him to rise in power to the point he has the ear of the King and Queen, but it has come at the cost of alienating all around him. Lair does not hate his father, but he does his best to avoid him and that means he is often seen spending his time in areas that most of his social class would not deign to visit.

His friendship with Amber leads the two of them into conflict with Arnor who holds to the old Elf attitudes towards Dark Elves. He is furious about their relationship and begins to interfere in her life. Eventually, he forces her to work on the Philosopher’s Stone or be banished from Icesilia. She reluctantly agrees, both to protect Lair from his father’s wrath and so she can stay in the city.

Lair is fairly naïve for his age having spent most of it as a sheltered noble. He tries his best to be kind and fair although he can forget about the feelings of others in his bid to escape from the machinations of his father and the nobility at large. For the most part, he tends to be open when people try to explain issues with his behaviour although this openness at times leaves him vulnerable to being manipulated by those who might wish to take advantage of his naivety.

Next week, will make a post about this year, how it turned out to be my most productive year ever, and some personal considerations about the market, indie and life! Stay tuned 🙂

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December 05, 2016

Soviet Games

Christmas bells

Dear friends!

On a long road, one can encounter both successes and failures. We are glad that we’ve had no failures so far, and we are even gladder about one of our great successes – reaching the Kickstarter campaign’s goal. The financial side of the question is important, sure, but your support is even more valuable to us! Everyone who waits for “Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll” contributes to our cause one way or another, and we value both the money and the kind words. For them, we are immensely grateful!


The winter is at the doorway! And we are ready to cast the cold and blizzard out of your minds with a portion of good news!

After the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we’ve had some good rest and got down to work with renewed vigor. We are glad to tell you that the game’s development is going nicely and without delays.
In particular, not long before the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we promised to show you the new, improved versions of character animations. Today, we are finally ready to do so. Meet Himitsu!

Some technical details:
As you might have noticed in the video, we refused the idea of making pose-to-pose transitions. This is mostly due to the limitations and difficulties tied to Live2D, the tool we are using to animate our characters, and the existing assets we have to work with. While creating a single united model for a character is possible in theory, it ultimately takes too much time and effort, while the results leave much to be desired. After an intense period of trial and error, we made the final choice in favor of separate models for each of the characters’ poses without the transitions between them and decided to use the freed time on expanding the pool of animations and perfecting them. In the video above, you can see how that worked out.
What do you say, does it look good? We will be glad to hear any of your feedback.

We are also happy to announce the results of the fanart contest we’ve held in our Vkontakte group! We’d like to thank all participants and congratulate the winners! The choice wasn’t easy…

First place:
and the gif:

Second place:

Third place:

Honourable mentions:

We’d also like to remind you about our IndeiGOGO campaign. With it, we are continuing to gather funds for “Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll”! If you weren’t able to support the project during the Kickstarter campaign, you can still do so here:

All of the money collected will go towards bringing the remaining stretch goals to life! More illustrations and populated backgrounds are the next on the list!

With love,
Soviet Games

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December 02, 2016

Träumendes Mädchen DevblogTräumendes Mädchen Devblog

Announcement: Khzi and the Cursed Stone

I stayed silent since the last article and I’m sorry for that. It has to be said that Chronotopia got funded on Kickstarter shortly before the deadline and the team really needed some rest after so many emotions! And let’s not forget making a battle plan.

But today, we’re going to talk about something completely different. Indeed, it’s been about a year since the release of Milk Episode 5 and also about a year since we announced we would make a remake of this old episodic series to adapt it to our current standards (professional). So it’s high time we review the situation!



A sinuous development

Those of you who follow Träumendes Mädchen since the beginning might know it already but when the team launched for the very first time, I made a lot of mistakes: My story was excessively long (500 000 words), not very adapted to the visual novel format (too many assets necessary) and my weaknesses as a scenarist were far too obvious (my love for frame stories, improbable mix and especially my inability to write a simple and effective introduction).

Nevertheless, I did not want to abandon a project important to me, hence the improvised episodic division that allowed us to continue the adventure despite the numerous hardships. Even so, it quickly became obvious I had to implement a profound change to the outdated scenario I wrote way too long ago (2010-2011!). The harmonization of assets was already initiated with the announcement of the remake and I was seeking to edit the text in parallel. I just didn’t know how to do it.



Complete reworking!

Then I finally had an illumination a few weeks ago by finally putting my finger on how I could fix the current mess: I’m going to split Khzi’s adventures on a separate game. She will still appear in “Milk” since she has an important role to play, but without taking all the place (what was originally intended). This method should allow me to avoid making a narrative gloubi-boulga, to develop the cows-girls and to clear out the beginning in order to rewrite it. So I’m announcing that I will now focus, not on Milk strictly speaking for now, but on this new game that will be called “Khzi and the Cursed Stone”. New name oblige, we’re going to need a new logo as soon as possible (and possibly a new GUI) but it’s so worth it!

211X, around 30 year after the sudden decline of Earth, technological progress allowed mankind to spread across the universe to meet civilizations until then unknown. In that era of discoveries, the Guild of Intertemporal Travellers was created to regulate time and space travels.
Khzi is an albino mercenary working for this sprawling organization but she’s disliked by her superiors for her bad attitude. They decide to give her an especially difficult assignment in order to test her. The young woman has to bring them a sample of a dangerous meteorite while supervising mercenaries who are suspected of treason. And, of course, nothing is working out as planned…

If the sequence of events will be roughly the same as in the original, Khzi and the Cursed Stone will benefit from a completely rewritten story with different dialogues and a lot of extra scenes. It will also be possible to move around the boat and select some characters to unlock bonus scenes which will allow you to learn more about their past. Another big addition: there will now be choices that will determine the affinity between the mercenaries. 3 different pairings can be made: Khzi/Aluwo, Aluwo/Freyja and Khzi/Freyja. Presentation-wise, the reworking of the assets is still in progress with brand new sprites from Laniessa (including a new character), animated backgrounds from PyriteKite and plenty of new CGs. And don’t forget the return of the 3D camera tested on Chronotopia!



Battle plan

This new game should be sold at a low-price at the end of next year if everything goes well but, given the workload, I’d rather bet on sometime in 2018. Despite the fact she had to be absent part of the year, Laniessa still managed to finish almost all the sprites, which is a good news! The main part of the work will be the backgrounds and CGs because there’s a lot of them.

The fact remains that Chronotopia is still our top priority so Khzi and the Cursed Stone cannot be released before anyway. Besides I’m funding the project with my personal money for now, which is quite a big constraint in itself. Even if our progress have a random pace (depending on the free time of everyone), from now on I will try to show you more ;).

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