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September 30, 2016

Winter Wolves

Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Ruby


Time for one of my favorite characters (ahem and not just because she looks incredibly hot, I swear) of Amber: Ruby the vampire! Here’s the introduction:

0" data-ng-bind-html="trust(creation.content)">Despite her age in human years, Ruby is regarded as extremely young for a vampire and still clings to her humanity because of that.

Despite these things, she and her brother are well respected in the small vampire community that live in Icesilia. Her word carries a lot of weight and she’s not afraid to use her influence to get what she wants. Outside of vampiric politics, Ruby finds herself fascinated by Amber and strikes up a friendship with her after a few chance encounters.

Over the years, she finds it harder to resist the urge to feed of mortals and so asks Amber to find a way to return her to human form. Such a request is not without its perils but she knows without a cure she will soon lose what humanity she has left.

Ruby is an extremely outgoing person who enjoys flirting with members of any sex. As a human, she was a dancer and she still shows signs of that in the way she moves and acts.

Despite her pretence of aloofness, she actually cares a great deal about those whom she calls friends and will do anything for them. Her fear of becoming as monstrous as the legends say drives her to avoid drinking blood and often only on animals when the need becomes overwhelming.

Animals barely sate the need, however, and she often turns to Amber to help her resist the true hunger for the warm blood of mortal men and women.

As you can see from her intro, she looks like an interesting character. Her endings are great, even the “dark ones” are somewhat cool 🙂

by admin at September 30, 2016 05:34 AM

September 28, 2016

Ace of Spades


The Stroke of Midnight’s Kickstarter campaign has started, and the demo is live!

Check it all out here:

by Dave at September 28, 2016 06:02 PM

Träumendes Mädchen DevblogTräumendes Mädchen Devblog

The visual novel Chronotopia on Kickstarter!

Here we are, it’s the big day: Chronotopia is now officially live on Kickstarter!

Chronotopia is a dark rewriting of the fairytale Donkeyskin : the young princess lives a peaceful existence in her castle, enjoying her days with her best friend and confidant, Nahima. That is until her father, gone mad since the death of his beloved, decides he should wed the princess instead. Donkeyskin has to find a way to escape from this fate, but how? She doesn't know it yet, but it's the beginning of a long nightmare that will take her to the edge of madness.

Inspired by a wide range of influences (literature, anime, videogames), Chronotopia is a unique and more mature take on a forgotten fairytale that includes many twists and choices that affect the ending: Donkeyskin can either escape with her servant, become a fairy, or die a horrible death. Multiple times. It's up to you to save...or doom her.

In a way, Chronotopia is an unlikely mix of all the projects Träumendes Mädchen had released up until now: the game goes back to the theme of the fairytale that doesn’t go as expected (Being Beauteous), with a young girl who has been conditioned and trapped in a vicious cycle (Ambre), gameplay and a world between life and death (Garden of Oblivion), as well as a diversified cast and nightmarish visions and scenes that are not recommended to claustrophobic people (Wounded by Words). Fortunately, I didn’t go as far as to put cows and aliens into the story XD. Anyway, I think there’s enough to satisfy our fans and the future of the team depends on you!

Chronotopia’s demo is available in English on itchio (PC/Mac/Linux). Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think and give a little bit of money to the campaign if you liked it :3.

by Helia at September 28, 2016 10:59 AM

September 26, 2016

Soviet Games

Support us on Kickstarter!

Dear friends!

The day we have waited for so long has finally come. We are announcing the start of our Kickstarter campaign! And also, perhaps even more importantly than that, today we are releasing the demo version of “Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll”! With it, you will be able to see and judge the work we have done in the past year. We really hope that the game will live to your expectations and that you will find be able to help us – not necessarily financially, but with a kind word as well! We will greatly appreciate any feedback – please leave it in the comments below or send them to our email!

Link to our Kickstarter campaign

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September 25, 2016

Lettuce Waltz

Nara’s voice actress, Jill Harris, is going to be at Micro...

Nara’s voice actress, Jill Harris, is going to be at Micro A-Kon this year. She’ll be passing out signed cards of this exclusive Nara art by Rins, so drop by if you can!

In other news, we’re still working on the Mikio beta version! Lore started a full-time job and has been having some difficulties adjusting/balancing her new schedule, but she’s getting back on track. Beta tester applications are still open in the meantime and we’ll update everyone once those close and beta testing officially starts. Shouldn’t be too much longer!

by narihira at September 25, 2016 05:10 PM